How does it work?

Rent, shoot, return. You choose what you want, when you want to collect it, and for how long you want to rent it. You email us to confirm availability and we will get back to you within 1 working day to confirm your booking.

You can also call us to check availability. Please ask for the rentals department and we will try our best to assist you with all your requirements.

Once we have confirmed that the equipment is available we will email you an invoice for the period you require the equipment. You will need to make a payment of 50% within 2 working days to reserve the equipment as there could be another customer wanting the same equipment for the same time period.

For first time customers you will need to sign our terms and conditions and email it to us with a copy of your ID document/Drivers license and Proof of residence [utility bill, rental agreement] at least 48 hours before collection date.

You collect the equipment from our branch and when the rental is complete you return it back to our branch. Once we receive the gear back in house, we inspect and clean everything within 1 working day. Barring any damage or missing items- your rental is complete!

Please note that without the terms and conditions signed and copy of your ID and Proof of residence [utility bill] received we will not be able to release the equipment.

What is the condition of your rental equipment?

Very good! We test, calibrate, and clean our equipment after every rental. There may be a few cosmetic flaws from a well enjoyed rental but each item is checked for full functionality before it leaves our office.

Can I reserve a rental item?

Yes, we take reservations for any item in our inventory however we will require a 50% deposit from you to reserve it as there might be other customers wanting the same item for the same period.

When does my rental begin?

It begins the day after you collect the equipment and it ends on the date stipulated on the invoice and rental agreement. The date you have to return the equipment will be clearly marked on the paperwork we supply you.

When can I collect my rental?

You can collect your rental from 1pm on the day before your rental starts. So if you have booked for the Wednesday you can collect it from 1pm on the Tuesday. Please note that all our branches close at 4.30 pm.

When must i return my rental?

All rentals must be returned by no later than 11am on the day after your rental expiration date. So if you rented the equipment for the Wednesday the rental must be returned by no later than 11am on the Thursday.


Jhb branch-you can collect on Saturday morning and return the item on Monday before 11.00am and you will be charged for a 1 day rental.If you collect on the Friday and return the item on the Monday morning you will be charged for a 2 day rental.

Cape Town-please contact us for details

Durban-please contact us for details

Do you charge late fees?

Unfortunately yes we have to as there are other customer also needing to use the equipment. If you return it late you will be charged 2 x the daily rate per a day on the equipment that is late.

When must I pay for the rental?

You need to pay 50% of the invoice amount within 2 working days of us confirming your booking and the balance will need to be paid before you collect or on collection of the equipment. No equipment will be released without payment in full having been received.

How can I pay?

Cash or EFT and we accept most credit cards-sorry not Diners Cards.

What comes with a rental?

A typical lens will include a front and back cap, filter, and hood. A typical camera body will include the body cap, eyecup, strap, battery, and charger. If you have any special requests, please don’t hesitate to email us a note and we’ll do our best to make sure you get what you need!

Does all equipment come with manuals?

We know a bunch of our renters are using the gear for the very first time, so we keep manuals on hand for requests. If we don’t have the one you need, there are often links to product manuals on our website. Always feel free to get in touch with us if you have a quick question about how to use your rental equipment- we’re here to help you!

May I extend my rental?

The short answer is… maybe! Please contact us and we will be glad to try and help. Note: you may only extend your entire rental order, not part of your order. If there are no other customers waiting in line for your item, we will be happy to extend your rental. However, if somebody else has already placed an order for your item and is awaiting its return, we will need you to return the item in order to fulfill the next order.

Please note that in terms of billing the extensions are treated as if they were new orders – this is due to the overhead of handling new transactions (accounting, scheduling, inventory control, etc). Thus, if you think you may want the lens for a longer period of time up front, please do so. The rate will be less expensive for a 2 week rental than it would be for two 1-week rentals.

Can I take the rental outside the South Africa?

Yes you can however you will need to inform us accordingly. We recommend you keep the invoice with the gear as customs may want to charge you tax, falsely assuming you purchased the equipment outside of SA. You must inform us that you will be taking the equipment out of South Africa so we can inform the insurance company.

What if I wish to rent something you do not currently offer?

We are constantly striving to provide you with the most complete and extensive inventory in the business. Please contact us and let us know what you want to get your hands on! If we get enough feedback about a certain item or category of items, we will definitely consider adding them to our inventory.

What if I leave my data on a memory card/hard drive I rented from you?

From time to time this happens to the best of us! Unfortunately, we cannot promise that your images/audio/video will be kept on the card you rented, as we generally format all cards immediately upon arrival. We do this for your privacy, as we’re sure you wouldn’t want us flipping through your personal work! If there’s an emergency and you happen to contact us before we format the card/hard drive, you may be able to rent it out again to retrieve your data.

Do you charge a deposit?

We evaluate every order and do reserve the right to ask for a deposit if we feel it’s necessary. In all cases, we will do our best to work with you towards the best solution for both parties!

How do I cancel my pending reservation?

If you need to cancel the order, please give us at least 48 hour’s notice before the pick up date otherwise a 1 day rental for all items will be charged to you as another customer could have wanted to rent the equipment.

What do you consider damage?

Minor scratches or scuffs, minor dust or dirt on the exterior of the equipment which can be quickly cleaned off are considered ordinary wear and tear and will not result in damage charges. Anything more severe than this will be considered damage and you will need to pay all repair bills to get the equipment back to the condition you received it in

Do I have to take your insurance?

The Company requires that the customer takes out insurance on the equipment that they rent from the company, the customer shall provide either proof of adequate self-insurance or the customer shall take the companies insurance option.